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Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit


Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit

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Turn that Corona mill you bought into a quality Stone Flour Mill

The regular Corona Mill is fine for grinding coarse cereal; however, if you desire to grind fine flour and get it the first time through, you need our Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit.

The kit includes everything you need to turn your regular Corona into the finest stone hand mill, capable of grinding all your Dry Grains like wheat, rice and oats into the finest, lightest flour desired for your baking needs.

You may purchase the stones only, and use the mill with the original auger, but we recommend that you also purchase the optional Modified Auger. The Modified Auger has been engineered to provide just the right feeding rate for the finer grinding milling stones, make for much easier turning of the mill to produce a fine flour and any consistency you desire. Using your old (unmodified) auger will make your mill much harder to turn.

With the Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit, it’s like having two mills in one. Leave your mill as it is and you have a steel burr for grinding Coarse Cereal or any Oily Seeds, Soft, Damp or Wet Grains or Beans. Or change it to the stone burrs, which will allow you to grind fine flour in one pass from all your Dry Grains.

The Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit will fit the Corona mill and the Victoria mill (those which display the Corona or Victoria brand names on the side of the mill or the box). There are many knock-offs of these two mills. The kit may work on some of those other mills, but we do not recommend nor guarantee it will work for those. Purchase for those mills is at your own risk.

Note that the modified auger shaft that comes with the stone kit will be different than that shown. This auger makes grinding your grains much easier and the Corona more efficient in producting a fine, soft (not grainy) flour from all your Dry Grains. Also note that it takes more time and energy to grind fine flour than to grind coarse cereal.

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