Sunshine Nugget

Great Health is just a grind away!

Sunshine Nugget

Sunshine Nugget

The Sunshine Nugget® and Silver Nugget™ hand grain mills are the number one best-selling manual flour mills / wheat grinders on the market today. 
Silver Nugget

Silver Nugget

The Nugget™ can be securely mounted to any bench or table top by using the four bolt holes in the base of the mill.



Mockmill is uniquely designed with grinding stones to produce extraordinary fine flour. 

Corona Stone

Corona Stone

The Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit will fit the Corona mill and the Victoria mill (those which display the Corona or Victoria brand names on the side of the mill or the box).


Built to Endure

No where else will you find all these great features in one superior mill. 


Buying products made in America helps support small American companies, American workers and the U.S. economy.

Excellent Pricing

We offer premiium quality and affordability, giving you the best value for your money.

With almost 50 Years of Experience

With almost 50 years of experience in the industry, we have been committed to providing the highest-quality products and services to our customers.

Limited Life Time Warranty

We guarantee that our products are built to endure hard times and we stand behind our products.

Premium-Quality Manual Grain Mills

The Nugget mills are designed and constructed with durability and longevity to endure hard times. It may be imperative that you have good quality tools to help sustain you and your family.

Unsurpassed Flour Production

The Nugget™ is easy to turn, and out-produces anything, turn for turn, in its class. Get fine flour the first time through.

High Quality Mill Stones

Stones have been used for thousands of years to grind grains because it produces a very nice flour. With stone ground flour you get the whole grain which is much healthier.

The included stone kit does not wear out but you may order an extra – as a precaution against possible loss or damage unrelated to normal mill operations. Please specify the correct color to match your mill’s finish.

Grind Seeds/Nuts

The optional stainless steel burrs are ideal for use with Iarge grains, and beans, or grains that are high in oil or moisture content, such as seeds, nuts, soy or coffee beans. Due to their unique design, the stainless steel burrs enable large grain and beans to be milled without the need for special tools to force the grain through.

Clamp It Down

The Nugget™ can be securely mounted to any bench or table top by using the four bolt holes in the base of the mill. There is also an optional clamp kit (shown above) that allows easy use of the mill in a variety of locations.

Helping the World Prepare with a Healthier way of Living

Cracked Cereals

Grinding fresh cereals at home provides a range of benefits,from greater nutrition and enhanced flavor, to cost savings and reduced waste. It allows you to have greater control over the ingredients and can help avoid any additives or preservatives that may be found in some store-bought cereals.

Gluten, Free Flours

You can grind a variety of gluten-free flours for people who have gluten sensitivity or for those avoiding gluten for other reasons.

Some gluten-free flours have more nutrients than others, making them a healthier choice.


Freshly ground flour retains more nutrients than store-bought flour, which is often processed and stripped of its natural goodness and health properties.