Sunshine Nugget

About Nazko

Nazko, Mfg is an ethical, sustainable company, made in the US. It is a family operated and patriot-owned business founded by David Skeem. David Skeem has built wheat grinders for over 50 years. The Sunshine and Silver Nugget hand grain mills were designed, developed and are manufactured in the USA. David designed the original, one leg, one-piece uni-body grain mill making it the best manufactured mill on the market today. David wanted to create a product that is built to endure hard times and that can be used every day in your home. It is designed to function optimally, provide the best results and made of the highest-quality materials sourced in the USA.


By buying from a patriot, family-owned and operated business, you are making a positive contribution to your country and community.

OUR MISSION:  Our mission is to manufacture and distribute the very best quality manual hand wheat grinders on the market that are efficient and durable, built to last. Wise shoppers focus primarily on the quality and durability of a desired product. They want the very best. In contrast some shoppers look for bargains, only to learn later, much to their disappointment, their choice did not endure well. Initially it saves them money, but they will have to replace the lesser product in a short time costing them more overall to have to get a replacement.  Buy for life, don’t scrimp on durability, buy it to pass it down to your children.  We believe in creating American made products built in the USA and strive to support our local communities and economies.  Our goal is to create a product that is easy to use, regardless of skill level, and that empowers people to grind their own wheat as part of a healthier and more independent lifestyle. We enable people to live healthy and self-sufficient lifestyles by offering durable products that enable them to grind their own healthy food.   We are dedicated to treating our customers with respect, honesty and integrity and provide exceptional customer service.  We believe in the importance of durability, sustainability and ethics in our company and continuous improvement and innovation.  We want to serve, provide knowledge, resources and products that empower people to help their families and communities.