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I like the whole design of the Sunshine Nugget® Mill - the stainless steel burrs, the white color, and especially that it contains no plastic, is durable and unbreakable. I have had a good experience with it, it is a wonderful hand mill.
Roswitha from Wisconson

I purchased the Silver Nugget™ on a dealer's recommendations, and I like the construction and the durability of the Nugget™.
Marilyn from Utah

I like the interchangeable burrs and stones on the Silver Nugget™. I purchased it because its reputation is the best.
John from Utah

The features I like about the Silver Nugget™ are the size and ease of use. I purchased it for emergency preparedness.
LaRenna from Utah

I like the sturdiness of the Nugget™, and that it lasts a long time and will make cracked wheat cereal. It's a great food storage product.
Karleen from Utah

I purchased my Sunshine Nugget® as a back-up for power grinding emergencies. I like the stones and range of grinds available, plus its ease of use, and the steel burrs for other grains.
Davis from Utah

I love the large wheat hopper, the stones and especially that it adapts to a wheel turning apparatus.
Tessa from Utah

I purchased a Nugget™ for grinding grains and beans, and because of the price. Also I like the size adjustments for grinding, and I like that it's well made.
Randy from Ohio

I purchased a Nugget™ because of the quality, features, but most of all I like the stone grinders.
Elaine from California

I like the Sunshine Nugget® because of its sturdiness and durability. The features I like most are the white finish and the counter top clamp.
Janine from Utah

I like the fact that the Silver Nugget™ is made in the USA. The feature I like most is that it makes everything from fine flour to coarse cereal.
Charles in Utah


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