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The Eclipse Combo Flashlight

$49.95 each Qty:

Tap into FREE dynamo power: Talk about alternative energy sources! This baby gets its power four - count'em, four different ways.

The Dynamo power provides the main source of energy. But should you leave it in a dark closet for a couple of years, you can plug it into an outlet, hook it up to your cigarette lighter, pop in a couple of batteries (only as a last resort because The Eclipse Combo uses "Never Need Batteries Again!" technology), or best of all just wind its crank a few times and you're in business.

It can also charge out to other devices like mobile phones, etc.

What does all that power run? A powerful ultra bright and long lasting triple LED flashlight and FM auto scan radio with red emergency LED flashers and a siren.

The Combo stores this power in an internal non-memory energy cell for immediate or later use. This non-memory energy cell is unlike regular or rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries, which have a memory. This cell doesn't have to be fully discharged before it is recharged, giving it a much much longer life.

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty Dynamo - Crank 3 minutes and the radio and ultra bright LED can work individually for over 40 minutes
  • Powerful Dynamo - Can charge internally or out to rechargeable batteries, such as a mobile phone
  • Emergency LED can flash for many days - it's great for boating, camping, outdoors and a must for emergency & disaster kits
  • High Sensitivity built-in FM antenna - Crystal Clear FM/Siren Sound - Frequency Range: 88-108MHz (FM)
  • Attractive all weather case with light gray trim
  • Optional AC/DC/Car/Boat Power Jack & Charge Jack Out
  • Comes with a belt clip
  • Color: New sporty Emergency Yellow
  • Dimensions 2.75" x 2.65" x 8.75"
  • Weight 11.2 ozs
  • A Must For:
    • Every day Use
    • Sports Activities
    • Emergency & Disasters
    • Power Outages & etc.

The Solar Four-4-One Plus Charger

$39.95 each Qty:

The unique design of this powerful solar panel charges four of any same size batteries of all 4 popular sizes ('AAA', 'AA', 'C' & 'D') at the same time - and fast! It also charges cell phones, games, radio/cassette players, flashlights, toys or other electronic devices with the included 5-way multi-plug.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • With Solar Power, the cost is FREE
  • Won't discharge at night
  • Can charge 4 batteries at once with built-in hold down clips
  • All weather resistant case
  • Folding angle stand for maximum sun strength
  • Color: Jet Black

Hand Pump LED Flashlight

$19.95 each Qty:

This flashlight gets its power from a built-in hand crank dynamo. A quick squeeze is all you need to use the mini-generator to power the flashlight. This is "Never Need Batteries Again!" technology.

There are unlimited uses for this great flashlight: In the car (small enough to fit in the glove box), around the home or office, in your purse or pocket, camping, hunting, sports activities (basically any outdoor activity), emergencies, disasters and power outages.

Key Features:

  • Powered by a sturdy Dynamo mini-generator - Simply squeeze the handle
  • Environmentally friendly - No batteries needed to buy or throw away
  • Balance wheel for an even squeeze
  • Ultra bright, long lasting LED bulb
  • New 10mm size is super bright also with new longer hold time circuitry
  • Attractive all weather shockproof case and clear magnifying curved shatterproof lens
  • Easy to use for all ages - children to seniors
  • Comes with a nylon carrying handle
  • Color: Yellow
  • Length 6"
  • Weight 5.2 ozs.
  • A Must For:
    • Every day use
    • Sports activities
    • Emergencies and disasters
    • Power outages, etc.


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