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Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit

Turn that old Corona mill you bought into a quality Stone Flour Mill

The regular Corona Mill is fine for grinding course cereal; however, if you desire to grind fine flour and get it the first time through, you need our Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit.

The kit includes everything you need to turn your regular Corona into the finest stone hand mill, capable of grinding your grains, like wheat, into the finest, lightest flour you can produce. Think about it – no more running your grain through the mill five times and still ending up with a coarse cereal.

Corona Mill

You may purchase the stones only, and use the mill with the original auger, but we recommend that you also purchase the optional Modified Auger. The Modified Auger has been engineered to provide just the right feeding rate for the finer grinding milling stones. Using your old (unmodified) auger will make your mill much harder to turn.

With the Sunshine Corona Stone Conversion Kit, it’s like having two mills in one. Leave your mill as it is and you have a steel burr for grinding course cereal or any soft, oily grains or beans. Or change it to the stone burrs, which will allow you to grind fine flour in one pass.

Corona Stones with the Modified Auger  $59.95 (plus shipping)
Corona Stones Without the Modified Auger  $39.95 (plus shipping)

Please contact us before ordering to determine the exact specifications of your Corona Mill, as there are some variations from model to model.

Also note, it takes more time and energy to grind fine flour than to grind course cereal.


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